Did you know that the environment you eat in literally influences your ability to metabolize a meal.

The power of our surroundings to catalyze nutrient assimilation, digestion, and calorie-burning ability is best exemplified in something scientists call the cephalic phase digestive response – CPDR. Cephalic means “of the head.” CPDR is simply a fancy term for the pleasure, taste, aroma, satisfaction, and the visual stimulation of a meal. In other words, it’s the “head phase” of digestion. What’s amazing is that researchers have estimated that as much as 30 to 40 % of the total digestive response to any meal is due to CPDR – our full experience of what we’re eating.

So the ambience, the music, you dinner companions, the conversation, and the visuals of your surroundings and of the food itself can literally impact your nutritional status at any given meal. It does so directly via the central nervous system, via the neural pathways of how we register taste and smell, and via the enteric nervous system – the brain in the belly. So if you want to digest, assimilate and calorie burn to the best of your ability, then do your best to create an eating environment that truly nourishes and relaxes you, and allows you to enjoy food, and celebrate your life.

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