Oh Austin…you are so pretty…had the sweetest time, thank you dear friends (you know who you are) who helped make this trip richer and deeper than I could have ever imagined it would be. Feeling grateful, tired, inspired, yes nervous but totally full of love. Enjoy the view…
p.s. A big theme in my life these days is TRUST. I am going through a massive transition in my personal world and it is reminding me again and again what it means to trust.
What I do know is that when it comes to food and body, trust is vital.
There are lots and lots of unknowns when it comes to the body and our health
There are no nutritional or health guarantees.
So trust is something we have to grant.
Yes we can choose to not trust, and the result is we’ll likely live in an ongoing state of agitation.
The truth is, no matter how much your body seems to give you challenge or heartache – it’s gotten you this far.
For all its shortcomings, we can be thankful that we have a body. The body is a profound mystery. The science of it is so stunning and complex that we understand less than 1% of what’s really going on inside of our own skin.
So you might as well trust.
Trusting in life, and in the body, empowers us and enlivens us.
Even when we have challenges, or health issues, trust that the body will come around. And if it doesn’t get to the place where we want it to be, then we can take our trust to a whole new level and trust that this is somehow the right lesson for us to be learning at this time and in this life.
There are forces and dimensions that move us and breathe us that we know little about.
So when you overeat, trust that you’ll be okay.
When you binge eat, trust that you can return to self-love.
When the weight won’t come off, trust that there’s an unseen wisdom at work, a higher power that animates the body and teaches us the lessons we need to learn for our own growth.
There IS a light at the end of the tunnel for whatever challenge you face with food and body.
Sometimes, life puts us through a difficult workshop.
We can go through a dark night of the soul.
But from what I know this too shall pass.
You can trust that, because it’s true.

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