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Are Numbers Ruining Your Nutritional Health?

Take a moment and consider how powerful numbers are in your life. Have you noticed that when the numbers in your bank account reach a certain low – you feel dis-empowered or afraid? And when those same bank account numbers hit a certain high, our entire outlook can completely change. But notice that on one level, all that changed was a number, and our life was hugely impacted. Well, that same powerful influence of numbers lives in our relationship with food and health. Perhaps the place where we are most moved by numbers in the nutrition universe is the number on the scale. When it goes up, we can feel like a failure. We might then choose to intensely diet, or do extreme exercise. We might binge and purge, or avoid any kind of dietary fat. It’s time to examine our relationship to numbers more deeply so we can be more effective when it comes to our nutritional health and our sense of personal fulfillment. Tune in as I share some great insights on this fascinating topic. Watch the video from IPEtv here.

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