If you’re going to do a fast or a cleanse – the ideal time is when you have the freedom to breathe, relax, create some space, and support the natural process of letting go.
Think of it as your own personal vision quest – but the kind where you don’t need to go into the wilderness wink emoticon
When we cleanse under stress, a number of factors occur that shortcut the benefits.
First, we impede the natural process of tuning in to something higher or deeper.
The point of a cleanse is to let go of food to a great degree so the digestive system can go offline and the body can re-route metabolic energy into detoxification.
But we also need to let go of other non-food stimuli – like television, computer, annoying co-workers and all the details that clutter our minds in our usual work-a-day life.
Cleanses work best when they happen in both body and being, plain and simple.
What’s more, if you just wanted to cleanse on a metabolic level only, stress and anxiety will shift the body into a stress response – and in stress chemistry, the body does not go into the physiologic mode of healing, repair, or maintenance of body tissue.
The body is bracing to fight or flee – just the opposite state that we want.
Healing happens in the physiologic relaxation response. So if you’re going to cleanse or fast, prepare to let go, calm your life down, slow your motor, check in with yourself, and remove any unnecessary stimulation.
From there, as you go on whatever kind of cleanse or fast you choose – stay aware of what you’re letting go of in your life.
What needs to detox?
Do you need to let go of people, a job, certain ways of thinking, bad habits, or any self-abusive thought that holds you back?
Chances are, if you pay attention to this your cleansing experience will be significantly more powerful.
There’s so much for us to detox in our lives – that’s the good news.
And as we all know, letting go – which is another way of saying “detox or cleanse” – isn’t always easy.
But the benefits can’t be matched.
We can create a whole new beginning.

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