These days, detoxing has become quite popular – and for very good reason. We live in a time when the body is subjected to a vast amount of human made toxins, and this can have a profound impact on our health, our energy, and our future generations. Cleaning out the body as best we can is a wise nutritional strategy. The challenge is, so many cleanses require a lot of juicing and they can be difficult to follow in our everyday life. The good news is that we don’t need to do extreme fasting or intense dietary protocols to rid our bodies of impurities.

At the Institute for the Psychology of Eating we suggest that you can take a gentle and reasonable approach to self-care. There are simple and effective detox methods that can easily be incorporated without a major overhaul of your current lifestyle. One of the simplest ways to do a mini detox is to eat real fresh food and let go of processed and refined foods for a period of time. Fresh real food has a natural way of detoxing the body on an ongoing basis. There’s a built in wisdom to nature that deserves our respect. Fresh veggies and fruits contain fiber, water, and all kinds of phytochemicals that keep our bowels moving, decrease inflammation, and increase detoxification pathways. Try doing a whole foods cleanse where you commit to eating only whole fresh organic foods for a week. When we let go of “junk” foods, we let go of the very foods where concentrated toxins are found. Sometimes, it’s less about detoxing the body and more about not toxifying it in the first place.

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