Eating too much food in a small amount of time is considered a stressor by the body.
Have you ever had the experience where you ate a big meal very quickly and then felt like the food was sitting in your stomach?
Well, that’s exactly what the food was doing.
It was literally sitting in your stomach.
That’s because your body was in a stress state, and digestive activity including the muscular contractions called peristalsis in the stomach came to a halt.
Your body was waiting anywhere from approximately 2 minutes to several hours for digestion to kick back into full function.
Some things need time.
In fact, lots of things need time.
Digestion is one of them.
This is not a fanciful thought.
It’s a scientific fact.
Digestion requires slow.
It loves spaciousness.
Think of the times when you had a nice relaxed meal, you were unhurried, you might’ve been sitting and eating for an hour or more, and your belly felt nice and warm and your food felt well digested.
That’s what’s possible.
Time is a very powerful digestive aid.
You owe it to yourself to include more quality time with food, and in your life.

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