Most people look at their eating issues as the enemy.
No matter what concerns we face around food, we want to get rid of them as quickly as possible.
If you look around you, you’ll notice that the majority of strategies that professionals use when it comes to working with weight and all kinds of eating issues center around doing whatever we can to change our “bad” behavior.
Clearly we’re doing something wrong, we have a weakness, we have a willpower issue, we have a character fault – so let’s just fix what’s broken.
But here’s the headline news:
This approach is completely outdated, antiquated and massively ineffective.
If you’ve used this approach, I guarantee you it has not worked for you successfully in the long term.
At best it’s a Band-Aid that doesn’t really make us any happier or healthier.
The remedy is see food is a doorway.
Meaning our relationship with food can take us to some very powerful places.
Every eating challenge we face is a portal, it’s an opening – and this portal leads us into any number of mysterious and surprising places that our challenges with food are indeed connected to.
Food issues are not merely about food.
Eating challenges are generally connected to other domains of life – I’m talking about relationship, work, love, sexuality, spirituality, family, our purpose in the world and so much more.
When we walk through the doorway called “my challenge with emotional eating,” for example, it might lead us to a place where we begin to notice that we’re emotionally eating because of our relationship struggles.
Perhaps our communication with our partner is ineffective, perhaps true feelings aren’t being shared, perhaps we’ve reached an impasse and need help, and when we don’t address the relationship challenge in a way that’s truly effective – a common result of such an experience is emotional eating.
So in this case, one’s emotional eating has nothing to do with being a willpower weakling or a loser when it comes to food.
Emotional eating here is simply a doorway.
It’s asking us to knock and open the door.
And when we open that door we find ourselves in a new space that we need to explore in an honest, sincere and humble way.

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