Exercise is a loaded word.
Some people hear the word exercise and their eyes light up because they love to exercise, it’s part of their life, and it comes natural to them.
There’s another subset of people who hear the word exercise and they immediately feel heavy.
Exercise for them is a struggle. It’s not something they enjoy. It’s hard to do. It seems like a necessary evil.
Other people see exercise as something they should do, and must do, and they are indeed able to do it – but they’d rather not.
Exercise is for them is a practice in not gaining weight and not being unfit.
There’s yet another group of people who have a past history of bad exercise memories.
A lot of us felt forced to do exercise in school, perhaps not suited for our body, and others had embarrassment around lack of athletic ability and being made fun of.
And then there’s the group of exercisers who are indeed exercising to lose weight. For many of these people, no matter how much they do and how hard they go out it – nothing shifts, and they don’t lose a pound. And then they go into absolute disbelief and upset because all that hard work happened for nothing.
So here’s what I consider the most important exercise secret ever that applies to just about every subgroup of exercisers:
Move in ways that you love.
In other words, if the movement or exercise doesn’t feel good and doesn’t make you happy, then don’t do it.
Obviously there are all kinds of sports and exercise that are intense, that are challenging, and that often come with a bunch of pain. I’m not at all saying to forgo that. For many of us, we do such sports or exercise because when we sum total up the entire experience – we love it.
I’m simply saying this:
Stop moving if you’re doing so from a place of push, force, self rejection, self-hate, and self loathing.
Move in ways that give you pleasure
Move in ways that make you smile
Move in ways that truly make it feel good for you to be in your body
And from there, you just might find yourself inhabiting a whole new body, and enjoying life like never before…

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