Food is a Doorway

What this means is that we have all kinds of challenges with food and body that aren’t quite what we think they are. When we truly look at what’s going on with our eating, it generally takes us somewhere else. Our relationship with food is a beautiful doorway that’s asking us to walk through. That doorway invariably takes us deeper within ourselves to a place that’s calling for our attention. Our task is to be courageous enough to enter into this unknown place, and be a willing explorer of our own depth and complexity.

Let’s look at overeating for example. Most people are taught to believe that overeating is merely a willpower problem. But when we walk through the doorway called overeating, we discover something new. We find that we might be overeating because of work stress, relationship challenges, family issues, past hurts, feeling lonely, or even because we feel really GOOD, but for some reason sabotage ourselves. Others might overeat because they’re deficient in a macronutrient – either protein, carbohydrate or fat. Still others might be overeating because they’re over-dieting and are literally starving for nutrition. And the list of possibilities goes on.

So the good news is, when we see food as a doorway, we are able to see the true causes of this eating concern.

And we open the way to finally resolving whatever eating challenge we are facing.

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