Food quality has a dramatic impact on appetite.
In general, the more nutrient deficient our food, the more powerful and intense will be our appetite.
Many of the those with the most ravenous out-of-control appetites are people who exist on a diet of junk and processed foods.
And they think they have a willpower problem when it comes to their appetite.
The problem is, even if they’re eating a large amount of bread, chips, soda, candy, cake, cereals, and more – the lack of real essential nutrition in these foods is noticed by the brain and by our gut physiology.
The body brilliantly scans every meal for nutrition.
When it doesn’t have what it needs, it simply says “hungry.”
So if you want to regulate your appetite in an easy and natural way, eat real food.
And you know what real food means – fresh, organically grown, locally grown, non-GMO, minimally processed, sometimes raw, sometimes cooked, nutrient dense, and produced with care and consciousness.
The bottom line is this:
Eating real food rewards us with our real and natural appetite.

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