Friday was the first day I shared publicly that I had been married once
For years, being a divorced woman was the thing I was most ashamed of
I thought people would think two things mostly:
“She cannot uphold her commitments”
“She must have been so awful for him to leave”
I took it profoundly personally
It was personal
Before my marriage, I did a little online dating
I used to filter out men who had been married before
It was because it made me feel unsafe and not special
It meant to me that you had loved someone before enough to commit your life to them
And that you didn’t keep that commitment
Now let me be clear, I know there are many legitimate reasons why someone would leave a marriage
But these were my thoughts from a place of fear
So a few years later, to be on the other side
To have to click the button on my profile that said “Divorced” was incredibly humbling
What if people filtered me out of search as I had done to others years before for a word that has a multitude of meanings?
The divorce story is so very different for so many of us
The older I get, the more of my friends have gone through it
And while it is not as frowned upon in my community,
I know for many others in different parts of the world, divorce can mean death, torture, ostracization, or it is simply not an option
How fortunate we are to even be in the question and conversation
I often forget that not everyone has these liberties
And relationship and marriage is something I plan on writing more about as it has been coming up for me a lot lately
I have been pretty disinterested in marriage for the last 6 years
Actively avoiding the conversation
But as the desire for family has birthed in me
I notice that is is time for me to face this part of me again
Divorce was the most intense personal growth workshop I didn’t know I had signed up for
It called into question everything I believed about myself and the world
I started to see how little I actually knew of me
And it was a hit so deep it started to wake me up
For that I have no apologies
No shame
No guilt
I worked this one
A sincere thank you to those of you who reached out and let me know it was helpful for you to hear about this part of me
What a joy that I get to use my pain to help me and you

❤ Emily Joy Rosen

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