nov 26 thanksgiving (2)

giving thanks. thanks giving. family and friends. my belly hurts (in the best kinda way) from laughing and eating (almost) nonstop. hikes and late night intimacies. sharing and caring, showtime singing and all kinds of card playing, reminiscing and memory making… the hard talks and sweet nothings, moments i will forever remember and a thing or two i wish didn’t do. i like hosting, i love the ones i love. opening again is hard when wiser, grateful for the ones that make it easier, the ones that seem more true. heart officially stretched, body tired, mind lit, spirit quiet. ya know they say a picture speaks a lot of words (at least a thousand maybe), i am not so sure… but (i find) they do speak for themselves (in their own kinda picturesque way), so here are some captures of the last few days. i think we did pretty good at doing good. love you lovelies, yes i do… thanks for breaking all kinds of bread with me, today i am extra appreciative for you (and you)… yes and you too.

❤ Emily Joy Rosen

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