I love reading and responding to comments on my posts.
It brings me much joy and helps me stay connected in what can often feel like a disconnected world.
My day to day world is mostly online, so staying connected to the humans behind the words and emails is vital for me.
I love writing, and well chosen words give me the greatest of thrills.
I can be a loner, a bit of a hermit…
I cherish solitude, but I adore how words can bring us together.
A few thoughtful sentences can take us from strangers to comrades in minutes.
Words have shaped me into the person I am today.
I have friends and colleagues who think I am a little nuts to be spending my time responding to people on social media in this way.
But it feels like the least I can do when people take the time so respond and share.
It doesn’t feel like I am taking time away from what is important.
It feels like I am making time for what is important to me.
Facebook recently blocked me from responding to comments for 2 days or posting on my wall because I was responding to people “too quickly and too frequently.”
Funny how the assumption was that I was a bot or spammer.
I got back my commenting and posting privileges today!
So I wanted to say hello and that I appreciate you.
Very much.
The response to my post about trolling totally blew me away and opened my heart in ways I wish you could know.
I felt like the luckiest of girls to have such caring, passionate and kindhearted people supporting me.
Those of you who took and take the time to reach out to me have become part of me in the most beautiful way.
You have more impact than you know.
Grateful, each and every day for your presence in my world.

❤ Emily Joy Rosen

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Emily Rosen is the co-owner and CEO of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating where she oversees business development strategies, student affairs, marketing and public relations, and keeps a pulse on the fields of eating psychology and nutrition to ensure the Institute’s position as a leader worldwide. Emily makes things happen. Her passion for health and transformation has provided her the opportunity to speak and present internationally and be at the forefront of a new generation of women leaders committed to making a heartfelt difference in the world. Her tireless work and faithful commitment have touched the lives of millions of fans and followers worldwide.