So you might want to defriend me or unfollow me
Wednesday I posted a Selfie
I took the picture of myself in the car after having my makeup done for a shoot
I didn’t put much thought into it. I thought it was a kinda cool photo and I thought my caption was kinda funny And then the comments came
Some of them very intense (which have since been deleted so I could write this post without specifically targeting people)
A few people really didn’t like my picture
And really didn’t like that I posted a selfie
And I want to talk about it
Because it really impacted me
More than I care to admit
So I am going to be honest:
The comments left me feeling breathless, sweaty and teary
I felt hurt
I felt misunderstood
I felt ashamed
And I felt embarrassed
And then really ashamed and embarrassed that it was impacting me so much
My immediate impulse was to delete the photo – I just wanted it to go away
But I reached out to a friend and she said: “NO, You are not taking it down
This is our JOB as leaders to hold the space of NON SHAME
So that humanity can move through it” So I just sat with the sensation
And really looked at why I was reacting so intensely in myself
There is nothing I hate more than being misunderstood
or misinterpreted It is something I constantly struggle with
For so many years I have let my desire to be liked rule my life
I would have never posted a selfie like this a couple of years ago
I was so afraid people would judge me
But in the last year I have been trying to follow my impulses more and just share what is
Because my fear of judgement has run my life
Frankly it hasn’t been the easiest practice for me to share on social media
It has been very challenging for me to start to do video work this year
And I still find myself avoiding cameras and conversations at events
For years I couldn’t get words out – I was so paralyzed by my fear of judgement and not being liked
For the first bunch of years I was on Facebook I only posted quotes by famous people
Yes, it was because I love quotes
But it was also because I was terrified to sound stupid
I was terrified to be judged
And now I am feeling exactly what I feared most
Super judged and disliked
And it is really f**king intense
A part of me just wants to hide and quit
Delete and run
But I am not going to
Because that solves nothing
It’s not who I want to be in the world
It’s not how I want to be in the world
And if you can relate to anything I have shared I hope you don’t hide, quit, delete or run either Because as my friend Renee Airya recently said:
“Please do not allow yourself to go into shame or regret about your
natural self expression. Please do not take down your selfies, or
beautiful photos, or inspirational images if some people judge, project
or can’t tolerate you. This only makes global self esteem issues worse –
it only causes more suffering.” So I hope you stay true to you
And I will promise to do my best to stay true to me I might be messy
I might be cheesy
I might be cheeky
I might be preachy
I might be depressing or dark
I might be silly or superficial
I might be melodramatic and over the top
I might be trite
I might promote my work
I might post photos of the snow, my friends, my travels, my face
I will share quotes and things I find inspiring
And I completely understand that you may want to defriend me or unfollow me
Because I may post another selfie someday

❤ Emily Joy Rosen

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