I recently did a private intensive…
At the end of it we did a ritual
The ritual was to write something on a coconut that was holding me back that I wanted to let go of, and then smash the coconut
To be frank this type of thing is not usually my style. I feel silly and awkward when attempting to mimic an ancient ritual in a modern day context and tend to avoid such activities at all cost
But because of my bright and playful facilitator I decided to go along with it and really do it wholeheartedly
The thing most holding me back in my life is desperately wanting you to like me
Yes you, all of you
I really care what people think of me
Despite this, I have done my best over the last year to consistently put myself out there in the face of my fear of rejection and judgment
It has been an incredibly freeing process
But not easy
Some people really don’t like me
How do I know?
I know because they have told me
I have sat with their dislike, disgust and hatred
I have felt their loathing meet my deepest hurts and breathed in the pain of knowing my worst fears are coming true
It is a pain unlike anything I have ever felt
It lingers long after the affliction, requiring frequent attention and care
But here is what is amazing
I survived
Not only have I survived
I have alchemized
I have experienced the possibility of energy transformed
I have felt my fears begin to dissolve as they are met and I have walked through a fire of my own making
I thought I could avoid the pain by avoiding the fire
But I had to get burned to learn how to be with the pain to let it go
And wow did the house burn down
As bizarre as it may sound, cracking the coconut was a breakthrough for me
The part of me that would never have done an activity like this shattered with the part of me so desperate to be liked
And I can feel myself coming home
If you can relate to any of this, I implore you not to never let the fear of others judgment get in the way of you sharing yourself
There is no greater gift
There is nothing more precious
And there is nothing the world needs more than you, all of you

❤ Emily Joy Rosen

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