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Is Hunger Affecting Your Personality?

Have you ever noticed that your personality changes when you’re hungry? Maybe you get a little short-tempered when it’s been too long since you’ve eaten, or maybe you can be more emotional. For others, hunger can lead to feeling spacey or disconnected from what’s going on around them. Most of us have experienced one or more of these reactions to hunger at some point in our lives. But what if we keep our bodies in a constant state of hunger by unnaturally limiting our intake of food? If we’re trying to lose weight or maintain our weight by restricting calories, protein, or essential fats, hunger might be impacting our personality in ways we would never have imagined. In this compelling video from #IPEtv, I’ll take an honest look at the effects long-term hunger can have on everything from our relationships with loved ones to our outlook on life. Tune in now — this video will surprise you!

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