I remember as a little girl hearing adults talk about how fast time flies
I remember not knowing what they meant because for me,
time often felt to move so painfully slowly
In high school and college I remember sitting in classes counting the minutes
till I could move to the next room to count the minutes again
And I remember often wishing weeks would disappear
so I could be in my hopefully better future

These past few days flew by
I found myself sitting on the airplane Sunday night
reflecting on how I now know what those adults meant

There are certain events and experiences I return to consistently
They serve as markers of progress for me
They help me pause, reflect and reconnect

This weekend I was at one of my very favorite events
with some of the people I hold dearest in the world
I looked around many a time and thought for sure my heart would explode

I have changed a lot this year
My life feels richer than ever
It saddens me to think I spent so many years wishing for time to disappear
only to now find myself wishing for more of it

I know there is much in life we have to do to survive
that we may not want to do
but my hope is that most of your days are filled with things
that bring you so much joy and fulfillment
that you don’t find yourself wishing time to pass more quickly

This is the possibility when we take responsibly
for how we shape our reality

And this is not about doing whatever you want to do,
whenever you want to do it

This is about clarity

Because for me, I am clear that there is a lot I will need to do
that I don’t necessarily enjoy in execution
but I know is key to what I am committed to creating
I don’t resent the process nearly as much as I used to
because I have clarity about what is important to me

I think this might have been what I was always missing

I remember asking so many times:
“Why do I have to learn this?”
“Why is this necessary?”
“When am I going to use this?”

This came from genuine curiosity,
but in academia those questions were repeatedly dismissed

Spending time with children this weekend, they ask a lot of “why” questions
I think it is in our nature to want to know why

Call it:
Your purpose
Your mission
Your calling
Your why

It doesn’t matter the name so much as it matters you know why,
why my friend, why

From there, every moment becomes rather precious
From there, I highly doubt you will ever wish time to pass you by
And you will be able to better appreciate how it flies
and for how it serves you
in serving your why

Just some thoughts while floating in the sky

❤ Emily Joy Rosen

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