aug 20 sebastopol

The last couple years i have spent a great deal of my time in sebastopol. a sweet little town ninety minutes from san fran where everything (of importance to me) is in walking distance and life is simpler (for me)… one of my favorite streets in this town is where this artist (patrick amoit) lives and in front of nearly every house is one of these delightful sculptures. and i wanted to share them with you because i still feel as enchanted by them as i did the first day i came across them on my walk for my morning latte. i only know a handful of folks in these parts so most of my “free” time is spent doing the things that actually nourish me most but that i quickly forget the significance of when in my normal busy with lots of people pulling at my attention and always seeming to want something (i am not so sure i wanna give). so lots of slower starts in the morning, rambunctious children time, late outdoor lunches, extra large frozen yogurt runs, alone time, together time, midnight graveyard walks where we talk about the more important things… and letting myself enjoy the art (everywhere), letting myself be captivated here and there and then again over there…

❤ Emily Joy Rosen

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