the last two years the person i have spent the second most amount of time with is a now nine year old boy, who i often forget is just kid (until we try and tell him to do something he doesn’t wish to do). he is so very bright, reliably precocious, endlessly curious, fiercely committed, defiantly opinionated, sincerely caring and intensely aware. he has kept me on my toes in ways that have been very good for me, jumping into conversations i wouldn’t imagine he was following to correct inaccuracies, and beating me in pretty much every card and board game he insists i play with him. speaking of which, because of him, i have played more these last two years, than i have in the last twenty years. some of my very favorite moments are of us racing around various parks, me having to really push myself to not be caught right out of the gate, he works me hard, his energy seemingly unlimited, so consistently effervescent. he has taught me how to sword fight and so impressed me with his love of creating, disappearing into his room for hours to build complicated lego worlds that always touch me with their beauty. oh and then there is his nicknaming, word games and joking, i think the nicknames he assigns are my favorite, and not just because they are so clever (though they often are) but because of the joy he gets from his own humor, often laughing for minutes at how much he is delighted by what he has come up with. just about seven months ago i finally made the cut and got my very own nickname from him, marmalade it is, yep he calls me marmalade and it makes my heart so very happy. this boy has made my heart so very happy these last couple years and i just wanted you all to know, because it matters, it matters a lot to me. a big thank you to his parents for sharing him and his beyond amazing sister with me (i could write a book about how much i adore her as well) it’s been a gift. a gift that actually keeps on giving…

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