Mom and godmother came for a visit this weekend in colorado… nederland, rocky mountain national park, wonderland lake, boulder, longmont and places in between… so much green, so much sun, skies to die for, long walks, constant chit chat, tasty food, oxygen with oils up the nose, elixirs and spa time equals sweetness for me. errands and rememberings, worries and wonderings. family time is incredibly important to me…

❤ Emily Joy Rosen

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Emily Rosen is the co-owner and CEO of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating where she oversees business development strategies, student affairs, marketing and public relations, and keeps a pulse on the fields of eating psychology and nutrition to ensure the Institute’s position as a leader worldwide. Emily makes things happen. Her passion for health and transformation has provided her the opportunity to speak and present internationally and be at the forefront of a new generation of women leaders committed to making a heartfelt difference in the world. Her tireless work and faithful commitment have touched the lives of millions of fans and followers worldwide.