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More Awareness, Less Appetite

Have you ever wanted to keep eating, even though you had just finished a hearty meal? Have you ever wondered why you didn’t have the willpower to simply stop eating when you knew you’d had enough? If so, you’ve got plenty of company. The diet industry spends millions of dollars to make us think that we have a willpower problem and that an appetite-suppressing pill or a rigid diet plan is the solution, but this approach is completely misguided. Most of us don’t have an excess of appetite — we have a deficit of attention when it comes to eating. If we brought a higher quality of consciousness to our meals, we’d be surprised to find a shift in our desire to eat more than we need. In this inspiring new video, I’ll explain why awareness makes such a difference to our biological relationship with food and how we can channel the power of attention to naturally regulate our appetite. Tune in now!

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