Our obsession with perfection
is crippling us
and literally killing some of us
I see it all around me
and I lived it daily
We are paralyzed by our perceived flaws
We hide our scars
and glue our broken bits together
trying everything to hide our humanity

“Wabi-sabi is the art of finding beauty in imperfection
and profundity in earthiness,
of revering authenticity above all”

It is a Japanese concept that emerged in the 15th century
in response to the prevailing aesthetic of lavishness
ornamentation and rich materials

Wabi-sabi is everything that an obsession with perfection is not
It is a recognition of the beauty
in the breaking
It is the celebration of the cracks
that come from true wear and tear
It asks us to see glory
in that which at first glance may seem damaged

And it is a reminder of our humanity
our fallibility
and our delicate strength
I hope you can learn not only to tolerate

your scars
but adore them
I hope that we can learn to see the grace
in our wounds

As Rumi said,

“The wound is the place
where the Light enters you”

May you always let the Light in

May you remember
if you are here reading this
if means you are alive
and you made it through
and there isn’t anything broken
about me
or you

After all, how could a crack
be anything but
a representation of your glory
because you my friend

And now it is time
to not let anything
hold you back

As far as I can tell
it is the ones who shattered
that know how to dance best
with uncertainty
walk through fires
and make dreams
come true

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