sept 14 nevada

oh the roads less traveled… anyone who knows me knows i place a high value on efficiency (or at least the last decade i have), it’s been an obsession causing me to push myself and those around me hard, at times with little regard… i can be ruthless. and the truth is, i like this part of me much of the time and i see clearly the ways in which it doesn’t serve me and has people running or avoiding me (unless they wish to hire me to cut their operational costs… people don’t seem to be so enamored with efficiency as i am) but lately i have let myself be less than efficient, compelled by physical pain that has me valuing rest and beauty, enjoyment and silly more… so i did part of the trip back home as a road trip again. incredibly inefficient and joy producing… i took only a handful of photos this time, got distracted having a feeling or three… check out Nevada, it’s for sure growing on me…
ps. yes i do work on the road but it feels different and irony is booking a flight home so i could get back early and do the things and having my plane be delayed many, many hours.

❤ Emily Joy Rosen

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