You and I can be sitting down and eating the absolute healthiest meal in the universe with the greatest ingredients, the perfect nutrient profile, and all the good blessings of super-food status.
However, if we are not under the optimum state of digestion and assimilation – which happens to be relaxation – more specifically the physiologic relaxation response also known as parasympathetic nervous system dominance – then we cannot possibly receive the full nutritional value of that meal.
Quite the contrary, science understands – and we’ve known this as far back as the 1930s – that a stress response will cause decreased digestive capacity, decreased enzymatic output in the gut, decreased gut motility, increased nutrient excretion, malabsorption of nutrients, and strangely enough, decreased calorie burning capacity.
So, it’s mind, heart, and soul that ultimately set the table for how a meal is metabolized.
We can no longer avoid the amazingly powerful role that our inner world plays when it comes to optimizing our nutritional potential.

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