Remember that our challenges with food, body, health, and weight can serve as a window into our inner world. It can appear easier to stay on the surface spending our time doing all kinds of quick-fix strategies like extreme dieting and exercise with the hope that this next new approach will get us where we want to go.

Frankly, it’s a form of insanity to keep trying the same type of strategies over and over, and expect different results.

I know because this was me.
And I have seen this with hundreds of clients over the years.

We understandably just want our eating, body and health challenges to go away.

But it is rare that I see a long held eating or body concern resolve simply by doing yet another diet or exercise plan.

The good news is, things can finally start to shift when you are willing to go deep, to look inside, and to be curious. Peek through the window and you may be surprised by what’s on the other side.

We always have a beautiful reason why we do what we do. In other words, our eating issues often tend to be “place holders.” A sign that something else is going on in our life that needs our attention.

Our food challenges are designed to lead us to where the real healing needs to happen: for example – unhappiness in a relationship, past hurts or abuses, unfulfilled desires, a lack of connection, the need for a greater purpose in life, and so much more.

We simply need to look.
The window is always open to you.

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