Talk Kindly. A basic for every relationship is communication. Open and loving dialogue sets the stage for a healthy relationship with others. And a healthy inner dialogue helps create a more ideal and loving relationship with self.

Many of us are either judging our body, or ignoring it. The unkind remarks we aim at our body as we pass the mirror – “look at the size of those thighs” or “suck in that gross belly” – erode body image and hurts the heart.

Speaking harshly about our body keeps us locked in an anxiety filled dialogue, which can trigger a physiologic stress response. And we know that being in a stress response can reduce our ability to digest, assimilate and calorie burn, regulate our appetite, not to mention contribute to just about every unwanted health condition.

It’s also pretty challenging to feel much love or acceptance when we’re in a constant physiologic stress state.

Intentionally speaking about our body from a place of love has the power to shift us out of the low level state of self attack that so many of us have found ourselves in.

We humans faithfully respond well to an encouraging voice.

Talking kindly to our body means replacing hurtful comments with uplifting ones, and finding compassionate words of support

This is important and you are so worth it.

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