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The Spectrum of Nutrition

Human evolution across the globe has been about nutritional diversity. It’s been the very biological feature of Homo sapiens that’s allowed us to survive and even thrive in numerous and even treacherous environmental conditions. The body is tremendously adaptable to many different kinds of dietary approaches. As more and more research emerges in the field of biochemical individuality, personalized medicine, genetic typing, and personalized nutrition – it becomes abundantly clear that indeed one person’s medicine can be another person’s poison. Certain foods work for certain people. Others don’t. Just as there are all different ways that people have of making money, doing relationship, doing their social life, their spiritual life,etc, so too are there all kinds of different ways to do nutrition so that it works for us. Check out this #IPEtv video for a great new conversation around nutrition that can forever change the way you understand this all important topic.

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