Oh, yes this.
There’s a sacredness in tears
Let them fall,
let yourself feel
I have been moved to tears
many a time over the last week
traveling through Israel
Tears of loss, joy, sadness, fear, hope
loneliness, beauty, and care
At first I was resistant
I was with strangers
and didn’t want to cry in front of them
I wanted to keep it together
but things kept breaking
Literally, most everything I touched
seemed to go horribly wrong
And so the tears came, strong
Behind closed doors
I wept
and as I wept I began to listen
Listen to the messages
these tender drops hold
and wow did they speak
I don’t know where we learned not to cry
in front of others
I don’t know when I began to think
it would make me look weak
But this I know
There is a sacredness in tears
There is an intelligence to be heard
in these salty drops filled with stories
And that is welcomed here
All of you is welcome here
I hope you let your tears flow
I hope you let yourself cry
And I hope we can all learn
to be a person who catches the tears
of others
So the stories about crying
being a sign of weakness
wash away
with everything else
that no longer feels true
with all the stories
that no longer serve you
Your humanity is welcomed here
— always
have courage
breathe courage
be courage

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