sept 2 mexico

Two years ago i lived in mexico for a couple months with a man i had just begun dating. not one to go with the flow, or apt to make spontaneous decisions, this was out of character for me, reckless frankly, much needed and hard (really challenging) and delightful (supremely joyful really) in endlessly surprising ways. i didn’t post the pictures from that trip for a handful of reasons that are no longer relevant, but i want to share them now because this was a very special time, a time of falling, finding, and freaking, and i fell in love with mexico, a dear friend, and a boy that winter, and it feels tender and kind to remember. i almost bought a home here, we almost purchased a retreat center here, but life had other plans for us and i haven’t looked back much till recently as i do my best to make decisions about what is next… tulum, akumal and playa del carmen, you hold a forever special place in my heart and i hope to return to you someday soon…

❤ Emily Joy Rosen

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