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What does Authenticity have to do with nutrition, diet, health, and our relationship with food? It’s easy to turn to food as a symbolic substitute for the real joy that comes from living and expressing ourselves honestly and courageously. Furthermore, the stress that’s inherent in being inauthentic is a literal metabolic suppressor. Authenticity means being […]


Have you noticed that you keep reaching for the same foods? Have you ever wondered why this might be, and if it’s impacting your health? So many of us get into the habit of eating the same breakfast or lunch or a small selection of foods that pretty much defines our diet. Join me in […]


The throat is a powerful and yet often overlooked part of the human body. The throat is where our voice resides. It’s the seat of your thyroid gland, which helps regulate the metabolism of just about every cell in the human body. So when it comes to the overall health and vitality of the body, […]


Are you worried that you’ll never escape the exhausting struggle around food, weight or body image? If so, I’d like to share my story with you. I’m Emily Rosen, Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I’ve created this video to remind others that our story, our journey, and […]


Are you interested in a more potent and reliable digestive experience? Have you ever considered how good you might feel if your digestion was all that it could be? So many of our health issues are related to challenges in the gut. We can be experiencing fatigue, mood issues, brain fog, low immunity, joint pain, […]


Did you know that metabolism is much more than what we think it is, and that it goes far beyond how many calories we burn? Perhaps you’ve heard of “emotional metabolism.” It’s the kind of metabolism we don’t always pay attention to, but it may very well be as important to our health as the […]


Did you know that there’s a profound connection between food and intimacy? Not much attention is given to the powerful and positive consequences that occur when we tap into our truest desires.Yet the more we welcome the food-intimacy connection, the more we can see our eating struggles begin to drop away and our relationship with […]


If you’re alive on planet Earth, then you likely have an appetite. The problem is, many of us have a challenging relationship with food. And those challenges often lead us into confusion around our appetite. So if you’re the kind of person who finds yourself fighting appetite, wishing it would go away, or simply not […]

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