Totally fell in love with this photo when I saw it…
Sometimes it takes getting a bird’s eye view to know what really matters to you.
Humans need a purpose for being here, alive, on Planet Earth.
So many of us focus a fantastic amount of energy on eating the perfect diet, being fit, and achieving our version of the ideal body.
While this surely has its upside,
health and fitness by itself is not enough of a purpose.
In fact, focusing solely on your body, feeding it and shaping without a compelling reason to be alive can lead to compulsion and a smaller world view.
So what if you spend a ton of energy sculpting a beautiful body?
What else is happening in your life?
What’s your body for?
What gift are you here to give others?
Is your life purpose simply to lose a specific amount of weight?
Or to eat vegetarian, raw, or paleo?
Probably not.
We’re destined for far more greatness than being a finely controlled eater with a nice hot metabolism.
A healthy body is a grace.
It’s a gift.
Are you willing to use this gift to give back to the world?
Can you see that the body is meant to serve a deeper and more beautiful purpose in life that’s more than just being pretty, skinny or healthy?
Yes, it’s great to have personal goals, to feel good, to look the way we want, and to celebrate a little vanity.
I’m all for it.
But Dynamic Eating Psychology reminds us that when the majority of our life force is being pumped into diet, exercise, worrying about health, or obsessing about weight – we waste the most important resource we have – our potential.

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