Your throat is how you declare yourself to the world.
It’s the vehicle for your voice.
Words are some of the most powerful energies in all of existence.
Words make the world go round, words tell the world who we are, what we believe, how we feel, what we desire, and what we wish to be.
Words can heal, words can create intimacy, words can bring people closer together, words can expose darkness and evil and create positive change across the globe, and of course, words can wound us as well.
Our voices are our power.
It stands to reason then, that when we hold back our voice, we hold back our power.
And holding back our power isn’t such a good thing.
It’s as painful and as silly a strategy as trying to hold back from peeing.
Simply put, when we hold back our power, we tend to suffer.
So when it comes to food and nutrition, here’s the punchline:
Withheld power often leads to unwanted eating challenges – food becomes the symbolic place where we play out our powerlessness.
It’s no coincidence that the voice, the throat, is connected to food. It’s all the same portal.
When we hold back our voice, it’s easy to distort that throat energy into the need to eat.
We might find ourselves eating to stuff down emotions, desires, and our thoughts, and all the things that we’re really thinking and feeling.
This works – to a degree, but it’s psychically painful and never takes us even close to our potential.
Most people with eating challenges are quite worried about what’s going into their mouths and how they can stop it.
Better to also pay attention to what’s not coming out of your mouth – your true voice – and how to help those words find the light of day.
The more we allow the truth of who we are to come out, the less we need to have unneeded food come in.

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