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4 Powerful Ways to Easily Regulate Your Appetite

Have you struggled to keep your appetite under tight control, only to fall off the wagon and indulge in foods that weren’t part of your plan? If you’ve ever tried to follow a restricted diet, whether for weight loss or other health reasons, then you know how hard it can be to regulate the voices in your head–and in your stomach–telling you to “eat this NOW!” If there was a pill that truly, effectively silenced those voices, we’d all know about it, and the person who invented it would be a billionaire. Sadly for the drug industry, we can’t trick our bodies into turning off those signals, and we wouldn’t want to, because they’re important for our survival. The good news for us is that we CAN get off the restriction-indulgence roller coaster and allow our body to return to its natural state of healthy self-regulation. In this practical and encouraging new video from #IPEtv, I’ll share 4 things you can do to bring balance to your appetite and restore your confidence in your will power.

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