a forever needed reminder (for me). perfectionism is always waiting in the wings, ready to seduce me with its eventually you will be good enough, just try harder, do better, be better – a most brilliant reason to not do what i am most wanting (and what has me risking failure or worse yet being embarrassed). a perfect way to keep dreams on hold with clever justifying (that hides the reality that i am just so scared so much of the time). i hope i (we) don’t let this happen. it for sure will break my heart (and my best guess is it will break yours too). let’s not let this happen. yes that, please, let’s never let this happen. do the things you dream to do, live the life you want to live, be as silly, outlandish, playful, serious, audacious, extreme, nonsensical as you care to be. this one is as much for me as anything…

❤️ emily joy rosen

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