“a little dramatic
don’t you think”
he smirked
at me

“oh yes
i am
in drama
i mocked
almost playfully

truth was
i was offended
and bored

and if i had been
more committed
to honesty
the disdain i felt
would have been

yes, i am dramatic
you fool

i have made sure
to live a life
that at the very least
takes my breath away

and sure
not always with its light
but also with the darkness
i have breathed

and i must tell you
i have seen as much insanity
in those who glorify
the sparkly bright
as i have
in those who cherish
the dusky shadows

and when
you let yourself feel
really feel it all
it is intense
it is electrifying
it is sensational
it is as dramatic as anything

so when i speak
when i hurl my words
against a page
or painstakingly agonize
over the most perfect adjective
i am devoted
to honoring drama

and i will not allow
the word drama
to be used
to shame people
out of feeling
as much
as they do

which is not to say
that i think one way
is better than the other

live drama free
if you please
live in a way
that works for you

but me
i want to
live to the very edges
of what might be possible
for me
and that has me
often living dramatically

about to fall

so actually no
not “a little dramatic
don’t you think”

dearly dramatic
delightfully dramatic
deliciously dramatic
dramatically dramatic

and completely
of drama
thank you

❤️emily joy rosen

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