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Emily Rosen is the CEO of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating where she oversees business development strategies, marketing and public relations, student affairs and program development. With an extensive background in nutritional science, counseling, mind body practices, the culinary arts, business management and marketing, Emily has spearheaded the Institute into an international organization that reaches millions of people each month. Prior to her role at the Institute, Emily was a long-term director and administrator for weight loss camps and programs serving teens and adults, had a private practice and held the position of Executive Chef at several retreat centers. Her decade-long journey with an eating disorder has inspired her passion for health and transformation and her dedication to helping others finally find freedom with food and body. Emily speaks and teaches internationally on eating psychology, and when she’s not busy running the Institute she loves writing poetry and making art. Learn more at psychologyofeating.com.

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To learn more about Emily Rosen, Director of the Institute, please enjoy this short video where Emily shares some of her personal journey, what led her to do this work in the world, and how she found her place at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.