and someone can
not be in love with you

and be ready
but not for you
(or not ready but still
clear they are not wanting
to get ready for you)

and they can
not love you
in all the ways that hurt
the very most
(touching the deepest wounds
you didn’t even know
you had in you)

and they can love you
in a very real and rigorous way
and just never fall (for you)
just never really ever fall
in love with you

and you
you (must know)
you never ever have to prove
you’re lovable to someone,
sure (yes) you can try
(I know I have,
I know I sometimes still
do try to)

but really
you never have to convince someone
to love you (or be with you)
you never ever have to do that
(not to mention, it is very unlikely to get you
what I am guessing you are really wanting:
something more true)

And my best guess is that if you stop
the constant efforting
you will find
there is a more exceptional love
out there (for you)
more love than you have ever known
out here in this vast and vivid world
if you just keep opening

and there is the love
that will want you

there is a love
that will want you

(this is what I am hoping
is true, as much for me
as for you)

yes love
a love that is
wanting and ready

❤️ emily joy rosen

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