just know
your heart
will break

he will choose her
and they will leave
betrayal will happen
she will die
and you will have to
learn not only how to
but grieve
which i know
no one ever taught you
but often you will be asked to do
things you have no idea how to do

(life seems to have us
learn on the job often)

and i want you to know
all the breakings
will crack you open
to a world
only those who
love enough
to let it break (them)
find (have access to)

and as far as i can tell
it’s a better world
(at least) a more honest one

and yes
i do
still feel the sadness
of innocence lost
but if i could only ever
love again
like i did the first time
i wouldn’t choose it
i wouldn’t choose that
for me (or you)

because i value
knowings and growings
more than
most anything
definitely more than
feeling sweetly


i am glad
so glad i had it
i am glad
i can remember
but if you can
i want you to know
you are one of the
fortunate ones

we are the blessed
to be able to even value
how we
to be able to even
prioritize it (how we feel)

i want us to really get this
it’s a privilege
to value how we feel

and if you
got to
in love
even once
in the way where
practical reality mattered hardly
time was less than irrelevant
and all edges blurred
till love was everything
till love was the only thing

you my friend
are one of the lucky ones

you are
we are

for the only thing
than losing
what you loved
(most of all)
having nothing
to lose
(is having nothing
that makes saying
goodbye hard)

yes that
that hollow (empty) feeling
only those of us
who have given up on loving
yes that
that, i don’t recommend
even if it feels safer
it isn’t really

and imagine
if you took all the energy
and attention you spent protecting
and poured it into
loving more
more and more

till at the very least
you are certain
you gave it all
you gave your

❤️ emily joy rosen

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