and so we went under
and learned how to swim
(better and better)
i learned how to hold
my breath longer
and make more space
inside me (with you)
i learned how
to hold everything
i needed
to survive
in me
so that as the water
began to rise
i could still breathe
and remember
the good

and yes
(for sure)
we hurled caution
to the wind
and sometimes we got tangled
(seemingly inevitably)
and sometimes we flew
higher than i knew was possible
higher than i knew one could fly
as if we were above the sky
carried by what i couldn’t see
but felt in every part of me

and i remember
him saying
love is like the wind
you cannot see it
but you can feel
without a doubt
it is there
(it is here)

and i fell
i fell head over heels
completely untethered
like a kite with broken strings
the wind took me
in and out and up and down
till all twisted and turned
(nearly inside out)
i admit
all i knew
(for certain)
was that
i was
(most definitely)
in love
with you

❤️ emily joy rosen

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