fear visits me frequently
i used to wish
for a life without fear
but i now know
wishing not to feel something
tends to be wish wasting
and i’m mostly definitely pretty sure
that the desires i have
the wants i am wanting
will require me to face fear
again and then again

the fears are familiar ones
nothing all that new
definitely not unique to me
and frankly not all that compelling
you know the ones…
the fear of falling (especially publicly)
the fear of rejection (and being embarrased)
the fear of losing (losing what matters to me,
including the ones i love)
the fear of realizing i might not be able
to make certain aspirations come true
and knowing at least if i don’t try
i can still fantasize liberally
the fear of more fear
the fear of massive mistake making
you get the point
you likely know the fear,
these fears intimately

the funny, not so funny thing
is how so many of these
still torment me
even though i know
even though i have experienced
that facing and moving through my fears
has given me everything good

when i look back at my life
every time i’ve confronted my fears
every time i’ve taken a faith leap
made a heart choice
dug my heels in
throwing a little caution to the wind
i grew…
i grew, i evolved tremendously

sure, true
i didn’t always win, not even close
i did fall, i have fallen hard
i am often embarrassed
i have lost a lot

and but wow
so much
have i gained
the harvests i have reaped
the wisdom worth it all

and as far as i am concerned
is the closest thing to flying
that us humans get to do

so maybe we fly
knowing we cannot stay in the air forever
and maybe we don’t let fear
make our life decisions for us

yes respect fear,
but do not let it drive…
acknowledge it
but do not confuse it
with you…

we are not our fears
we are bigger than our concerns
we are stronger than our terrors

and we get to choose
how our story goes,
we get to write our very own
courageous endings

go for what you want
over avoiding what you don’t
you might just be surprised
by how high you can climb
when fear is not allowed
to steer

❤️ emily joy rosen

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