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i am allergic to dogs (dogs still seem to like me). i am afraid of boys. i am still learning to trust girls. i have a really hard time digesting tofu and fresh fruit… | Secret Keepers by Emily Joy Rosen

i am allergic to dogs (dogs still seem to like me). i am afraid of boys. i am still learning to trust girls. i have a really hard time digesting tofu and fresh fruit (even though i love them both). i find the ocean scary and evian water is by far my favorite to drink (based on taste alone). i take massive amounts of vitamin c when i think may be getting sick and it saves the day almost always. the most trilogy kombucha i have had in a day was 17 bottles, yes that is a lot (almost a ton) and maybe it made me just the slightest bit drunk, because I tried to drink one more to make it an even 18 (I prefer to consume even amounts of everything). i do not like to drive (really hate it actually). i do love when people unexpectedly play music i love on road trips (when they’re driving), it makes my heart sing. i can’t see in the dark hardly at all, and not really all that well in the day (definitely not far away). I had laser eye surgery when i was 18 (paid for it myself which was a big deal for me, i saved and spent 10k of my very own money) i am now 35 and it isn’t working so well anymore. i’d dislike most to lose my eyes (when i think of the thing i would least want to lose this is always what comes to me, seeing, i’d hate to not be able to see). i do love emojis and i do love words. i prefer text messages to include some combination of the two (no emojis and i am likely to assume you are mad at me or do not care about me, maybe extreme, but for sure true). i like pink now (after years of bashing it so I could seem tougher and less girly than i am). i feel embarrassed about my lack of experience in certain key life arenas (like sexuality) and often seem disinterested when the truth is i am just so extremely scared (more accurately terrified). i pretty much care what everyone thinks about me, but not more than what i think of me (not anymore) and it is more of a curiosity now than a need for it to be approving (unless i am dating you, then i need you to love me the most, all the time, for all time). i sometimes reverse things, like a red light seems to be green (don’t worry, remember i am not driving) or numbers (which kinda freaks me out, like how does that happen really, how does 27 become 72 randomly). i find joy in the littlest of things and i am very hard to impress (my parents’ fault mostly, they spoiled me with more experiences than most people have in a lifetime before i turned 16). i love my parents and my sister and my godmother a lot, like the most, and it is the most important thing i know in my life, that love. love is. love and puppies. good men and dear girlfriends. water in all its forms. food that nourishes and knowing when more is better and too much is enough. loving what you do, delegating what you don’t. facing fears and playing small when big feels too overwhelming. taking care and paying attention. yep that and this and this and that. did i mention puppies? i call this photo, how we fall in love… ❤️ emily joy rosen

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