so i found my second heart
a woman showed it to me
she showed it to me with a mirror
and eyes so bright and sparkly
and warm and celebratory
i couldn’t help but feel
how she was looking
at this nearly forgotten part of me
a part i had decided a long while ago
was dangerous and dirty
unknown as it should be

i don’t know why i thought
i could get away with never looking
i can be sneaky in a way
only sisters who know, know

but she caught me at the edge
the place i tiptoe to
but never go over
and she held me there
with such care
and with no needing
it changed me
in the core kinda way
you know the ways
where you get a new normal
and it spills out effortlessly
into everything

after all
i now know
i have a second heart
and i am never one to waste
a resource so precious
a place where love insists on living
even when i cannot see
even when i refuse to let it breathe
it comes through
as love is meant to do

❤️ emily joy rosen

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