oh how i hope
you always hope

which is not to preclude
that you also “do”
hope without action
(without doing something)
isn’t going to get you far

but let yourself hope first
let yourself dream vast
let your heart desire
let your brain crave
let your soul yearn

cultivate faith
nurture your longings
allow yourself to lust
aspire always
be eager
wish away
cherish possibilities
make promises to yourself
be devoted,
devote yourself
to what matters most (to you)

this is what I have found
to be stronger than fear

it’s not that I don’t feel fear
i am terrified mostly
i just refuse
to let it determine
what I do (and don’t do)
i renounce fear
having authority (over me)

so yes, hope,
hope big
it might just be
the very best way
to face fear
without fighting it

yes, focus on what you want
more than what you don’t

i am pretty sure
that is how hoping
makes you stronger
my dear

❤️ emily joy rosen

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