maybe you spare me
i am intense (and a lot)
i know

and i can assure you
i don’t need you to remind me
of my alotness
and its too muchness (for you)

maybe instead
you just let me be (me)
and maybe you go find your person
somewhere else (outside of me)

because i am (finally) exhausted (now)
worn out, tired of trying
to be some certain way for you

it’s not good for me
and it’s never gonna be
good enough for you

yes this i know
as i know when things are true
and i haven’t been true with you
in ways i don’t know how to undo

so bye bye love
i am going to miss you
you were the best feeling thing
i ever had inside me
and my very favorite way
to hate myself

smiling now (i am)
through the tears
and i notice what feels
most appropriate
is to thank you

yes thank you
because sometimes girls
become women
in the shadows
of men who never choose

❤️ emily joy rosen

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