there’s a sacredness in tears
let them fall (let yourself feel)

i have been moved to tears
many a time (over the last month)
tears of loss, joy, sadness,
fear, hope, loneliness,
beauty, and care

at first i was resistant
i didn’t want to cry
(it makes my face puffy,
my eyes ache,
and my nose so stuffy,
not to mention
that it doesn’t seem
to actually fix anything)

oh and often there were
people around me and i for sure
didn’t want to cry in front of them
(i cry so ugly and things
get messy so quickly,
what would they think of me?)

i wanted to keep it together,
but things kept breaking
(literally, most everything i touched
seemed to go horribly wrong)
and so the tears came, strong
behind closed doors
i wept
and as i wept
i began to listen,
listen to the messages
these tender drops hold
(and wow did they speak)

i don’t know where
so many of us learned
not to cry and to stop the tears
(especially in front of others)

i don’t know when
i began to think it would make me
look weak

but this i know (now):
there is a sacredness in tears
(there is an intelligence to be heard
in these salty drops
filled with stories)

and the more i honor
and welcome them coming through
(as they wish to do), the softer
and more available I feel

so much energy poured into
pushing down, pulling back
and wiping away
what is already happening
(the cost is severe)

so i hope you let go
(let your tears flow)

i hope you let yourself
cry (unabashedly)

and i hope
we can all learn to be a person
who catches the tears of others,
so the stories about crying
being a sign of weakness wash away
(with everything else
that no longer feels true,
with all the stories
that no longer serve you)

welcome your humanity tearfully
(allow yourself to grief
or laugh so hard
you cannot breathe)

feel please, feel
this is courageous to me
(the expressing,
not the repressing)

have courage
breathe courage
be courage…

 ❤️ emily joy rosen

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