i am going to meet you
in that tender forgotten place
you know,
the one you let go cold

you remember
what they taught us, right?
“where attention goes, energy flows”
you haven’t put your attention there
in oh so long

so let me take you
in my hands
taste your tears
and cradle your fear
in my knowing

because we are going in
deep in
so deep
there isn’t a piece of you left
till all of you is so exposed
you cannot help but know
your strength
your power
your grace

this is how i see you
in your darkest place
in your compulsive haste

there is no more busy
that can keep you from you
there are no more lists
or excuses
no more stories
of how it could be
or should have been
that hold power over you

it’s our silent suffering
that cripples us
not the admission
that we are in need

it’s our secrets that hurt us
not the revealing of them

and yes, sure, some
will see you differently
you may have disgust come at you
or just plain disregard
you may finally feel seen
or completely misunderstood
you may feel terror
or joy overwhelm you

but here is what i see
as the most important possibility…

all that energy spent hiding
will be freed up to go elsewhere

all the time spent managing
how people see you
will be freed up
to be used differently

all the words you have swallowed
filling your body
with unspoken memories
will be freed up to speak truths
because you are no longer willing to
self suffocate

and then
maybe then
we can change the world
you and me
then, maybe then
we can change

❤️ emily joy rosen

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