it seems to me
that we often ask
for advice
when what
we really want
is permission

to let go
to start over
to choose
something different

i know i have

more than once
i have found myself
asking for guidance
when what i really want
is permission

to do what i already know
i want to do
but am scared to do

like so many of us
i learned not to trust myself
at least not without
some sort of
external validation

and definitely
not without punishing myself
for the ways i feel
i have done it incorrectly
in the past

as if punishment
is a necessary
part of the process
as if without punishment
i will make
the same “mistakes” again

for sure…

and truly not
the best use of my energy
truly not the quickest way
to get where i want to go

simply not that useful,
not at all

so i have been trying
something new
perhaps you try it too…
and care

yes, compassion and care
over punishment and self attack

give yourself permission
to start over
this time
without harshness
this time

you might be surprised
just how much easier
it is to start
when you choose
to start
from there

❤️ emily joy rosen

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