oh rawness
i appreciate rawness so very much
it’s fascinating to me
that somehow
somewhere along the way
most of us get the notion
that it’s safer to hide our hearts
(and mask our soul)
it inherently creates disconnection
and as far as i can tell
the thing people are most starving for
is just that: connection

(and not just naked bodies
pressed against each other
breathing heat)
true connection
(where you feel met and seen)

forgive me for asking the obvious
but if you are not willing
to reveal yourself
how could you ever truly connect?

now i am not saying
that we should do this
with everyone we meet
it’s okay to be discerning
(dare i say necessary)
hearts are tender
(at least mine is)
it’s okay to take your time

and if i had one recommendation
it would be
to watch what people do
(not just listen to what they say)

i have learned
(the hard way)
that some people
simply don’t
attach the same weight
to words
that i do
they say
what they think they should
(or what they know will hook you)

it’s the lowest form of manipulation
as far as i’m concerned
(and to be clear
it means nothing about you
if someone chooses to use words
that mean nothing to them
to “get” you)

i know the sting
when words and actions
clash obviously
and i know how
from that place
it’s easy to stop trusting
anyone (and everyone)

but there are ones
who operate differently
i know
because they are in
my innermost circle
and i trust them endlessly

but this i can assure you:
i would have never
ever found them
if i wasn’t willing
to reveal myself
(sharing what is most true
and relevant
and tender
for me)

as far as i can tell
the way to most sincerely
inspire people to show up
as you wish they would
is to show up with them
the way you wish
to be shown up with
(leading by example

so i do hope
(if you are wanting
more connection true)
you let your heart stay open
you let your soul shine through
make sure your words
match your follow through
and be willing
to let go of
the things you think
you should
(and shouldn’t)

you lose nothing
by revealing yourself
yes, what you say
can be used against you
and i know the pain here
of deep betrayal
but remember
they lost you

and you got:
your time
your energy
your heart back
so you can open again
to someone
who actually
cares for you
(that is
if you don’t
let this
shut you down)

it pains me most
to see us use the past
to check out of our future
the world is so guarded
but i am not wanting to be
and i hope to never
be so unavailable
you cannot connect with me
(cautious sure
taking time carefully
okay) but
more than cautious
i want to be curious

and raw

so yes
i do appreciate
so very much
and i hope you
value it too

yes, share
yourself please
and let
the ones for you
fall in love
with you
all you have to do
is be you
(truly you)

❤️ emily joy rosen

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