because faith
isn’t something you find
it’s something you know

because love
isn’t something you give
it’s something you are

because care
isn’t something you express
it’s something you show

because pain
always makes me wiser
and pleasure is necessary

because my life could be
written as a story of chasing love
desperately wanting to know
i am the one for someone
always looking for that something
secretly screaming for saving
from the very thing
that has me wanting

because i can give up
checking out
in subtle silent ways
that a rare few would know
to notice

because last night
a friend
showed up
when i was expecting nothing
slowly slipping
into hopeless ponderings
and rescued me
from something
i didn’t even know
i needed saving from

because what i know
is i do have a no
and i am not there yet
but i am close
and when i reach her
my clear
fiercely kind
my yes will mean
something again

because meaning
matters much to me
yes a life of meaning
keeps me waking
even when i lose touch
with why
even as feelings hurt
my heart
so very violently

yes even then…

because life
isn’t something
that happens to you
it is something
you choose

❤️ emily joy rosen

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