promises i find hard to trust these days… so many words broken, and now my ankle broken… trust feels hard but necessary… trust i’ll trust again… trust i’ll be able to make sense and beauty out of this too. trust i’ll heal body and heart… maybe even coming out better than before… wiser for sure. more honest, more true… more kind, more clear… another war coming to an end… a more silent war, one i didn’t know i was in… one i almost missed for sure… my addiction to magical thinking, seeing what i want to see and hearing fantasy has me missing sometimes what is really right in front of me… i used to be sure i would always come back stronger… now i am more interested in wiser… but not so certain i can tell wisdom from worry and trauma right now… so for now i commit to what i do know… my ability to make beautiful, make art of everything, wars and storms too, especially the storms… oh and tears… the kind that can actually wash us deep… the kind you do not stop, the kind that stop you. clean and fresh and old and new. i do trust these storms are washing me clean, i finally do… 

❤️emily joy rosen

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